This episode: Combining all 16 of yeast’s chromosomes into one or two only impairs their growth slightly in the lab, but it prevents them from successful mating with wild yeasts!

This episode: Roundworms and not-too-irritating bacteria quickly evolve a beneficial relationship when under threat from other bacterial pathogens! Download Episode¬†(8 MB,8 minutes) Microbe of the episode: Siegesbeckia yellow vein betasatellite News item Show Notes Journal…

This episode: Studying how Wolbachia bacteria spread through a mosquito population helps efforts to use them to prevent the spread of Dengue! Thanks to Tom Schmidt for his contribution.

Viruses domesticated by parasitoid wasps have transferred wasp genes to caterpillar victims, allowing them to survive deadly infections from other viruses! This means that Monarch butterflies are effectively naturally Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).