Audiommunity loves Tasmanian devils, so we bite the shit out of them… In this episode, we’re talking about a contagious tumor that couldn’t happen to a nicer species. No seriously, it really couldn’t. Tasmanian devils bite each other on the face to say hello. WTF devils?

This week, a guy gets a kiwi allergy from a bone marrow transplant from his sister, Matt envisions a magic mouse, and Kate peaces out after 20 min. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to be the only one drinking… that schtick may not last much longer.

Something a bit different this episiode. Last month, we joined Jesse Noar, host of the excellent Bacteriophiles podcast to record an episode about oncolytic viruses (viruses that blow up cancer cells). We hope you enjoy it, then head on over to microbeworld and subscribe to Jesse’s podcast.

In this episode, how parasitic worms alter in immunomodulatory effects of the gut microbiome. Also, Kate expresses her distaste for large datasets and animal experiments, and Matt proposes a weight loss company that will only market to identical twins.

In this episode, we talk about the innate immune system’s Trojan cow strategy – using a cyclic dinucleotide as a signaling molecule means that viruses can package the seeds of their own destruction. Meanwhile, Matt and Kate throw Kevin under the bus with regards to alcohol consumption, and Matt expounds on the security threat posed by infectious cattle.

In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss checkpoint blockade cancer immunotherapy (wow, that’s a mouthful). When cancer stamps down the breaks of the immune system, cutting the break line can allow T-cells to do their job.

This week, we’re discussing DRACOs – not the Harry Potter character, a “new” class of antiviral therapeutics that links up the double-stranded RNA-binding part of one protein to the cell-death (apoPtosis)-activating part of a different protein.

In this episode, we discuss the moral implications of doing experiments on babies without brains, and editing the genomes of unborn humans. I reveal my nature as a moral monster, and Kate can’t resist bringing up Kim Kardashian’s artificial selection of her own offspring.

In this minisode, Matt talks briefly about cancer immune therapy, skepticism surrounding the ‘cure for cancer’, and how a few physicians are trying to use Polio as a novel targeting vector. Unfortunately, Matt is not nearly as good at audio editing as Kevin is (who is now on his honeymoon), so enjoy the rough cut!

In this minisode, Matt discusses the impact of immunology… IN SPAAAAACCCE…

From infectious disease, to gut microbiota, we dive into the immunology of the Mars One project which hopes to send humans to Mars within the next decade. We refer a bunch to a Weber training powerpoint available on the web and provided here. Additionally, we talk a little bit about a recent MIT study which might demand some reflection on our colonizing enthusiasm.

sCD38, a molecule that’s secreted in mouse and human sperm, and may play a role in suppressing a mother’s immune response to a new fetus.

This is the beginning of a discussion about science publishing (and its problems). My friends are tired of listening to me, so I thought I’d broadcast my thoughts to the internet!

Kate’s first minisode! An explanation about why we should be a bit more measured with respect to the “Vaccine Cautious” – they’re not murderers, or idiots, just misinformed.

In this minisode I continue the discussion started in epidsode 10 surrounding the goals and rational behind vaccine design in the case of Staphylococcus Aureus. I touch on a paper which proceeded the paper discussed in episode 10, and talk about the data in that paper may cause questions for the potential efficacy of S. aureus humoral vaccination.